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Our concept is simple. We sell prepaid introductory Corporate Package cards which gives a new client multiple visits to your salon. Our promotions are local-company focussed; it’s local professionals and office employees that we’ll send through your doors.

It does require you to provide some discounted services, yet it does not cost your business anything as both Elevate and the salon profit from the promotion. Absolutely ideal for any stylists or therapists who need to fill their columns with good new clients. 

You tell us how many new clients you`d like introduced over what timeframe, then what your new revenue target from the promotion is. Regardless of your business goals we’ll help you achieve them. 

"We can`t speak highly enough of Elevate. The experienced team work tirelessly to ensure that they understand the needs and goals of our company; be it in salon training, customer service, regular reporting or recruiting the right kind of clients for our salons – they never fail to deliver." Andy Phouli, Co-Owner & Chairman, Rush Salons

Learn more by scheduling a call from us and we`ll have a 10 -15 mins chat about your business and what you`d like to achieve. Perhaps we can help.

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Key Aspects:

New Clients Only: Each Elevate promotional certificate is valid only to new clients of the salon/spa. 

Promotion Size: While new clients are important, we realise that your loyal repeat clients and walk-ins should always be able to book an appointment. Hence we do not over-sell a promotion or have your staff overwhelmed. An Elevate promotion can be for as little as 150 new customers over a 6 month period.

Excellent Bonus System: Our Pamper Packages are structured so your new customers have great optional incentives to upgrade, pay for additional treatments and then re-book.

Training and Preparation: Before we start, an Elevate Client Consultant (who liaises with you constantly) will run a staff training session. Your staff will be fully prepared to ensure it runs efficiently, you are maximising revenue and your new clients love the promotion.

Unmatched Support System: We email each of our clients weekly and are a phone call away if there are ever issues. We can also book a follow up meeting as your request, where can chat to stylists one-on-one in between clients, get their feedback, problem-solve and give your staff a valuable boost. Throughout the course of your Elevate promotion we will also text message and email your new clients with T&C`s reminders, encouraging extra services in the salon etc. 

Client Retention: Elevate directly markets your promotion to offices and businesses in your area. Stats show us that by recruiting working professionals, if you provide a quality salon experience you have a good opportunity to turn many of these new faces into long term customers. Our Pamper Package`s are structured so that each new Elevate customer will visit your business at least 3 times, giving you 3 opportunities to impress and increase your chances of further bookings. Once the promotion is complete, we will then send out a final message of your choice to all buyers, to help get the maximum amount of continued bookings. 

Mass Exposure / Word of Mouth Advertising: Throughout the course of an Elevate promotion our marketing execs will contact many offices and businesses in your city or town to introduce your brand. These businesses will receive info on your promotion that features your logo`s, images and awards or accolades that you may have won. This results in literally thousands of people seeing your name, photos of your salon etc, providing mass exposure for your business!

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  • "Elevate Advertising are a highly professional marketing outfit who delivered on their promise which was not only to attract new clients through our door (which is the easy part), but to provide a quality of clientele which thoroughly complemented our brand. Our campaigns owe their success to Elevate`s enviable contact database which allowed them to carefully coordinate our campaigns to suit our exact requirements. Following an initial trial at our Manchester salon, where the results were beyond our expectations, we have since rolled out similar campaigns in Birmingham and Leeds and continue to work on developing new campaigns in the future."

    Ben Kennedy, Marketing Manager, Nicky Clarke Salons

  • "We engaged Elevate to conduct a series of sales campaigns to promote new business interest from local company employees. Business owners who see clients long term will undoubtedly want to explore the opportunity further. Elevate deliver on their promises and have provided new opportunity in a difficult climate. Highly recommended and repeat business will ensure."

    Adam Flint, Operations Director, Skin Health Spa Clinics

  • "We have found the interest generated through Elevate to be very promising. The new clients coming through our door fit the exact profile of clientele we wish to attract to the salon. This coupled with the professionalism of the Elevate service has made the partnership a very worthwhile exercise."

    John Maher, Owner, Queen Hair & Beauty, Dublin

  • "When I opened my second salon in Liverpool City Centre, I needed a direct way of targeting and promoting the salon to potential customers from around the business district. The response Elevate has generated has been great, allowing us to build a fantastic client base and all of our stylists have benefited greatly. Once someone has been to the salon a few times through the campaign, they are far more likely to recommend their friends and work colleagues to the salon too. This was the second time I have worked with Elevate and I have been pleased with the results on both occasions."

    Dion Padan, Owner, Hooka Hair, Liverpool

  • "We can`t speak highly enough of Elevate. The experienced team work tirelessly to ensure that they understand the needs and goals of our company; be it in salon training, customer service, regular reporting or recruiting the right kind of clients for our salons – they never fail to deliver."

    Andy Phouli, Chairman, Rush Hair Group

  • "Elevate have found us new, professional clients & has helped to grow our team! This has also given the Saks brand great presence in our local area. I would happily recommend Elevate and will be contacting other Saks Salons and letting them know of the success we have had with the campaign."

    Ellie, Salon Manager, Saks Milton Keynes

  • "We have been working with Elevate since mid 2014 and we have received 300 clients through their targeted campaign. We have found Elevate to be highly organized and professional supplying us with timely, accurate and relevant clients. We anticipate that our relationship will develop and we have already ordered another 200 client searches during Q1 2015. I would highly recommend their services and their professionalism."

    Mark Weston, Owner, Muse of London

  • "Working with Elevate has been a positive experience for our Salon.  By
    ensuring that we have given all new Elevate clients the best experience, we
    have not only benefitted from hair service upgrades, we are now seeing
    clients come back to us once their vouchers have expired.
    We believe that meeting the client on visit 1 and matching them up with the
    right Stylist, be that a Senior Stylist or a younger Stylist needing to
    build a fuller clientele is key to the success of this programme."

    Tonia Downes, Co-owner, Gavin Ashley Bury St Edmunds

  • "The past 4 months have been our most profitable due to our Elevate promotion! When Elevate approached me I was sceptical as have tried various advertising strategies and none have been that successful. But Elevate were so professional and helpful that I thought I'd give it a go.
    Since working with Elevate my business has improved and the clients that have been directed to the salon have been lovely. I would recommend any salon that has the room for new clients to take on Elevate."

    Lara Wintle, Owner, Arena Hair

  • "Working with Elevate was one of the best decisions I ever made relating to marketing of my 5 Star Salon! Elevate have a very professional and dedicated team and in a very short space of time I was seeing new clients coming through the door. Now it was up to me and my team to retain these new clients.Theirs is an excellent concept providing it is marketed and sold correctly and in both aspects Elevate have not let me down. I would recommend anyone looking to increase business to give it serious consideration. I look forward to continuing working with them."

    Sandra Kotecha, Owner, Original Hair Studio, Bolton

  • Out of the 380 Elevate clients who have completed the promotion, we’ve currently had 110 clients re-book with us. We make around €40 average per client, but some will spend €60+ and some haven’t even completed the promotion yet. The only issue we’ve had with Elevate clients is that they think they can be booked in whenever they want. We only have a certain limit of Elevate appointments each day, so sometimes we must turn them away. Other than that...... its brilliant!

    Valerie Cahill, Owner, Ikon Hair Design, Cork

  • "Elevate were extremely easy to work with, they guided us through the whole process to make sure we were clear on how the whole promotion worked. They reached out to hundreds of customers within the local area that we wouldn't have been able to reach ourselves which has helped promote our salon greatly for a very reasonable free. The promotion we did with them has boosted our sales and has gained us many new loyal customers. I would highly recommend this company."

    Paula Griffin, Owner, Mane St Hairdressing, Bournemouth