Welcome to Elevate

Elevate UK is a marketing agency that specialises in corporate and business targeted promotions for Hair Salons and Beauty Spas.

These days there are so many marketing/advertising & deals companies around that promise big things. Very few deliver what they promise. The Elevate objective is to not just meet, but exceed each of our client’s two key expectations:

  1. To fill empty columns and achieve an immediate increase in revenue without de-valuing their brand

  2. Provide more long-term customers

Planet Elevate

Elevate UK welcomes Ishi Salons Edinburgh as our new client. Specialising in an extensive range of services with a team of dedicated staff, they have a strong reputation for providing a very high quality of service. 

We will be introducing 100 new working professional clients to both their Marchmont and City Centre locations, and their campaign will be a big success no doubt!

A small number of places are currently available for the following promotions in our Promo Store

Elevate UK - 40 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DE