Welcome to Elevate

Elevate UK is a marketing agency that specialises in corporate and business targeted promotions for Hair Salons and Beauty Spas.

These days there are so many marketing/advertising & deals companies around that promise big things. Very few deliver what they promise. The Elevate objective is to not just meet, but exceed each of our client’s two key expectations:

  1. To fill empty columns and achieve an immediate increase in revenue without de-valuing their brand

  2. Provide more long-term customers

Planet Elevate

Meet Andy! 

Andy is the boss at Abraxas Creative Media, a design and print company based in Lymm, Greater Manchester. Andy is our designer and has been creating Elevate's certificates and other print since Day 1. Our Director can still remember first meeting Andy at his house 8... read more

A small number of places are currently available for the following promotions in our Promo Store

Elevate UK - 40 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DE